(If you are just joining our story – welome! For the full narrative so far, check out “Graduation Day and the Onesie” and “A Crisis of Faith”. I hope you find encouragement along the way!) 


 After camp, I went to the doctor just to make sure everything was okay. Maybe I was miscarrying. I felt anxious and humiliated as the doctor checked me. They also did blood work. I waited for what felt like forever. Finally the doctor came back and said I didn’t show any signs of pregnancy or miscarriage. Everything was normal in my blood work and my cycle was probably late due to stress. I was so disappointed and embarrassed. 

 I knew I just needed to relax. Stress and anxiety could hinder our ability to get pregnant. So I made up in my mind to just let it happen naturally and try not to stress about it. “After all, God is in control and His timing will be perfect.”, I told myself. I held on to hope for our little bundle of joy. 

Right around this time I found out the most incredible news from one of my dear friends. I remember the day her and her hubby stopped by our house. We were packing for a trip out of town and they called and asked if they could stop by for a few minutes before we left. They came in with an envelope in their hands and I knew something was up. Then they shared their special news – they were expecting! And not just one, but two! Twins! I was so ecstatic I didn’t even know what to do or say. I remember my eyes welling up with tears! I never knew you could be so happy for someone else! I remember seeing the ultrasound pictures and being in awe of such a miracle. Little did I know that this moment would commemorate the silver lining that God would give me in the midst of our infertility journey.

~ Fiona 



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