Ezekiel 32-33

I like reading Ezekiel in the New Living Translation because it makes it easier to grasp. If you’re having trouble understanding the KJV, I highly recommend the NLT.

Chapter 32 – One thing is for certain, I wouldn’t want to be Pharaoh! I’m reminded of the old proverb, “Live by the sword, die by the sword!”

Chapter 33 – As a leader, this is one of the most compelling chapters to read. It is our responsibility to be the watchman; to sound the alarm. It is our responsibility to communicate the consequence of sin, to warn people about the enemy of their soul. If they hear the alarm, and don’t take action, it’s on them. But if we, as the watchman, decides not to sound the alarm, we face grave consequences. People will die in their sins, and we will be held accountable! This isn’t something to be taken lightly. Being in leadership isn’t just about position and power. It’s not about politics and recognition. We have a responsibility to the people God has placed under our care. We are their watchman. We MUST warn them of the dangers of sin; of the consequences of living a sinful life. Not only that but the watchman has a particular message that he must proclaim. What is that message? A life full of good works won’t save you if sin is present in your life; and a life full of sin won’t condemn you if you repent and turn away from sin. Some people think that past righteousness will save them, when they are presently living a life of sin. Other think that past sinfulness will condemn them, even though they are presently trying to live right.  As a watchman, we are to clarify the truth in people’s lives and proclaim that good deeds are not enough and that repentance leads to forgiveness of sin.


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