Genesis 1

This is one of the most controversial chapters in the Bible! For some, it explains how we came to be. For others, it is a fairy tale, fable, or myth with no real scientific backing! As Christians, we face a hard decision: do we believe what God’s Word says is true or do we go with what modern science has “proven”. And so the controversy begins: Creation vs. Evolution? I think it’s vital as a Christian to know where you stand on such issues. I remember watching an animal documentary on bats not too long ago. It showed how they physically changed and adapted to their environment over time. It really bothered me because I thought “evolution” wasn’t true, but was it? What was evolution? What is Darwin’s theory? How does it compare to Creation? This experience really emphasized my lack of knowledge in this area and has driven me to find answers. If you are in the same boat, I challenge you to do some research and find the answers to these questions. Research what science has really proven and what is simply a hypothesis or theory. Check it out for yourself and solidify today what you believe. I guarantee at one point or another your belief system will be challenged. Will it be able to stand the test or will it crumble from lack of knowledge?  If you were asked today, where you stood on this issue, would you be able to give a solid, credible answer? 

Here are some websites for Creation to get you started:

I also encourage you to look at it from the other aspect as well:       

    • (Word of caution: when using Wikipedia, make sure the author of an entry has credible resources before taking it as fact.)
  • You could also use the library as a resource for research material.



I have been pondering this chapter all day as well as my previous statements! And after giving it much thought here is what I think! 

I think the beginning of my thoughts may be misinterpreted. As Christians, we definitely believe that God’s Word is true and that Genesis 1 explains who created us and how. Often the controversy comes in when your belief is challenged by something, in my case the bat documentary. Now, I knew where I stood on the issue, but I didn’t have enough understanding of scripture or even understand the basics of the opposing idea, to ward off confusion. So, I looked in depth at what the Bible said and also looked at the basic premise of the opposing idea. Also, when I said, “Research what science has really proven and what is simply a hypothesis or theory. Check it out for yourself and solidify today what you believe.”, I may have been a little ambitious. I was trying to encourage others like myself to know what they believe. Now, I do think that people can go too far in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding and become all consumed in it. I’m not saying to do that.


One thought on “Genesis 1

  1. I don’t see why someone’s belief system has to be challenged by this debate, if she truly believes the Bible. Because, if a person believes only what the Bible says without adding to it, she will quickly see that this isn’t an agrument of HOW things came to be the way they are. Instead it is a ridiculous argument of WHO VS. HOW. An argument like that is bound to be fruitless, because neither side is truly seeking the same answer.

    Creationism does not answer the question “HOW have things come to be”. It only claims to answer WHO made them. Evolution, in contrast, only posits the HOW and doesn’t even attempt to answer WHO.

    What if, when I asked HOW an Escalade (the SUV) is made, someone told me, “Cadillac made it”. I would ask the question again: “Well, thanks, but exactly HOW did Cadillac make it?”

    Saying Cadillac makes the Escalade doesn’t tell us anything about HOW it’s made. Mechanics don’t really care who made it (except, perhaps, that it might help them know where to order parts from), but they care much more how it’s made because that knowledge helps them to know how to fix and maintain the vehicle properly.

    Most Creationists I know believe that God created the world with the apperance of age. They also believe there are certain patterns and structures evident in that Creation. Evolutionists may not concern themselves much with who did what, but they also see patterns and structures. Whether God created things or not, the fact that the universe has a certain structure seems to be broadly agreed on by both sides.

    If God created the universe with the appearance of age (a really simple example is that Adam and Eve seem to have been adults at the time they were created), then there would be an implicit history in the things He created. God may well have spoken the world into existence, but that doesn’t rule out that the implied history of that creation does not correspond to the scientific theory of evolution.

    It seems to me that, somewhere along the line, someone tied up their faith/salvation in a very limited understanding of the Creation story (not considering that the Bible never spells out what the implied history of Creation was) and, when the theory of evolution came about, found it an afront to his beliefs — to admit the reality of evolution would be to deny his faith! I find this terribly unfortunate.

    In his book “Blue Like Jazz”, Don Miller talks about a time that he once held a very limiting view of Christ — he saw Christ as a figure that had to fit certain preconceived criteria. When Miller got older and learned more about life, his faith wavered because he had tried to confine Christ to his very limited worldview. He called this limited and juvenille faith a faith in a “Paper Jesus” (a Jesus that was confined to Miller’s worldview).

    The Creationism Vs. Evolution debate reminds me of the debate that led to Galileo being locked away under house arrest for proposing his theory of heliocentrism (the theory that the planets revolve around the Sun). While heliocentrism is not questioned these days, the Catholic Church of Galileo’s time was infuriated because this theory, they claimed, contradicted a number of Scriptures (ones stating, for example, that the earth was set on a “foundation”, and the sun “rises and sets”, etc.) and, therefore could not be true. They tied their “Paper Faith” to an unfortunate misinterpretation of Scripture. As a result, Galileo was locked away and told that his investigation of God’s handiwork must be abandoned.

    In my opinion, that is exactly what is happening in the Creationism Vs. Evolution debate.

    True, some evolutionists have stated that evolution has eliminated the need for a creator. I think that’s silly. Evolution is not the same as the Big Bang theory or any other theory that seeks to explain how the universe came to exist in the first place. It merely seeks to explain how things ended up the way they are now.

    If God exists and He created the universe, he could have created it in six days, but with the appearance of age (the implied history that evolution seeks to investigate); or, He could have spoken the process of evolution into existence billions of years ago (let’s not forget the Scripture that states that a thousand years is like a day to the Lord…if the Young Earth Creationists are truly Biblical literalists, they need to keep that verse in mind, too!). Either way, WHO and HOW are two different questions. The one does not exclude the other. In fact, maybe if we those put their trust in science every time they refer to the theory of gravity (yes, gravity, too, is “only a theory”), would stop being scared of evidence blowing away their Paper Jesus, they could learn more about the world around them and appreciate it more thoroughly. If you believe that God Created the universe, maybe by studying the patterns and structure of His Creation (through the implied or real history of evolution), you could better understand Him.

    I believe that Christians need to stop picking and choosing which bits of science they believe in. If you believe God created the universe and that science is an investigation of that Creation, then embrace ALL of science. If not, then quit using the sciences to try to validate Biblical stories like the Flood and Joshua’s extra day. Quit trying to show how scientific the Bible is by pointing out verses like Leviticus 17:11 (“the life of the flesh is in the blood”…the Bible pointed this out long before Wm. Harvey’s scientific proof of this fact) and Isaiah 40:22 (God sits upon “the circle of the earth”…implying, centuries before Columbus’ cicumnavigation of the world, that the earth was round). You can’t have it both ways. Either science is true or it’s not.

    Sure, maybe embracing all of science will shake your faith, but maybe that’s just your Paper Faith. If so, wonderful! Faith in Truth need not be shaken (in fact, CAN’T be shaken) by an honest investigation of the universe around us. Put aside your Paper Faith and embrace reality.

    Thanks for posting this, Fiona. I really enjoy discussions like this.


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