Job 1-2

What is the condition of your heart?


Job was a very blessed man! God called him perfect and upright! That alone amazes me and that’s only the eighth verse of this book! Do you ever wonder what God calls you? For me, I hope it is along the lines of upright. What a beginning chapter though! You see the blessings of Job and his great loss unfold in only a few verses. It’s interesting to me that the Lord mentions Job to Satan when they were conversing. He seems proud of Job’s faithfulness, like a father who is proud of his son. Satan, being the pessimist he is, was eagerly willing to point out that it was only because of God’s favor. So the Lord gives Satan permission to take everything away from Job and all in one day. Can you imagine?! Losing everything, your children and all you own, in one day. What is even more remarkable is Job’s attitude and the end of the chapter when all is said and done! He proclaimed, “ Naked I came into the world and naked I’ll leave. The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!” I don’t think I would be able to have such an outlook. If one little problem arises in my life, It’s easy to get upset, like a child when you take away his favorite toy. Job’s attitude alone challenges me! I want to truly trust God’s plan as Job did! And when things go wrong in my life and I face pain and loss I want to say, “God, you know best! Blessed be your name!” Yet this concept is easier said than done! Another point to notice is that Job did not sin or blame God. Something we’ll talk about a little later.

In chapter two, the first thing I noticed is that Satan came to present himself to the Lord. A nice little reminder that Satan has no power and that he has to answer to God. I love it!  The Lord and Satan again have a conversation and Satan, the accuser, says that if God would allow Job’s health to be attacked, that he would surely curse Him. So God said, “Go ahead and mess with his health, but you aren’t allowed to take his life.” I’m sure Satan couldn’t wait to do the deed and he struck Job with boils all over his body. And if that’s not bad enough, then Job’s wife pipes in and tells him to curse God and die. Not the kind of godly wife I expected Job to have. Yet on this point I stop to ponder. I don’t think Job was unequally yoked. I think that all the pain and loss got to his wife and she chose to blame God instead of trust Him! She is always seen as the bad guy (or gal) and yet she is not so far removed from some of us! This again challenges me and makes me search my heart and consider what my response would be in such an instance. You may ask why? Well, because you have to make a decision in your heart on where you stand when it comes to adversity. You can’t wait for a tragedy to come and then decide how you are going to respond. By then, it’s too late. You have to carefully prepare yourself to be ready to respond in a Godly manner to whatever may come your way. Just like a test! If you expect to get a good score, you should study and prepare yourself. You may not know exactly what’s on the exam but you can prepare. In the same way we may not know what we face tomorrow, but we can prepare our heart for how to respond. The last point I want to make is that even after all this, Job still did not sin. And the bible particularly says he did not “sin with his lips”. All too often when adversity comes, we open our mouth and says things we later regret. Another challenging point! Lord help me to be slow to speak!


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